Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would take place in Pairs, France. The biggest reason I want to go to Paris, is because I want to go to see the Eiffel Tower.  I also want to try French food, like croissants and if available eggless macaroons. 


To travel there, I would get a first class ticket on American Arlines.

I would rent a luxurious car, with a chafferer to take me places. 

While in Paris I would visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame as well as the Eiffel Tower. I also would want to visit Concierge.


I would stay in a luxurious hotel, a big suite with room service. 

I would try so many new French foods, and while I am at that I will go shopping. I will shop for French clothing and a bunch of other stuff. 


I went skiing on Saturday, March 5th 2022. It was fun, it was my first time going skiing ever. We went skiing in Cascade Mountains, which is in Wisconsin. Since it was my first time going skiing, I had to take lessons. My instructor was kind, and taught me the basics of skiing.

In addition to skiing, I also got to go on a ski lift, which took me to the bunny hill. At bunny hill, I learned my turns in skiing and just overall skiing. It was a fun adventure. Sadly, less than an hour after I put my ski’s on for the first time, it stared raining so hard. SO we had to leave.

That concludes my Ski time.

Eggless Donuts

Eggless Donuts

Hi! Today I made eggless donuts. The donuts are spongy and soft and have similar texture to donuts with eggs. The recipe is simple and easy to follow.

Check out the following link to learn how to make them:

From what I have seen these donuts are very easy to make and perfect for a snack or breakfast. Below is an attached picture of the donuts I made.

Chocolate and Sprinkles eggless donut

I topped mine with chocolate and sprinkles, white chocolate, and raspberry dip. My favorite is probably the chocolate with sprinkles one. To top my donuts I used some ice-cream topping chocolate and white chocolate. As well as ice-cream topping raspberry dip.

Trip to India during COVID

Today I am going to tell you about my trip to India during the COVID pandemic.

Let’s get there!

Packing bags took a long time. There was lots to take! We packed and packed for hours. There was a lot of last minute packing too!   Once all was packed, it would be soon time to travel to India. I was so excited. 

As soon as the 2 large SUVs arrived we started to put all the luggage in 1 of the SUV’s. The other SUV was the one that would take us to the airport. As we rode in the SUV to the airport, I was so excited! I would get to see my grandparents and cousins. 

As soon as we reached the airport, I was bubbling with excitement; but I had a lot of traveling in front of me. 

As soon as we got inside the cold airport, we started to look for the Emirates business class counter. There was NO line in front of the Emirates business class counter, but the economy class line was HUGE! I  could not believe my eyes. 

As soon as we reached the counter the person behind the counter asked for our passport, RT-PCR covid test, OSI, and some other stuff. We had to show it all. Then it was time to check in our bags. The whole entire process took about 25 minutes. Now, imagine the people standing in the economy line, if there were 5 people in front of you it would have taken SO long. 

After we were done with check-in and getting our boarding passes, we walked to the security area. The line was long (there was no line for the business class passengers) but it moved fast. Security went pretty fast, we got to the counter and put all of our carry-on luggage on the machine and walked through the scanner. 

Then we started to head toward the business class lounge. As soon as we got there we started to eat and hang out till in the lounge till boarding of our flight. I ate lots of snacks. 

I drew and wrote in my diary in the lounge as I ate. The lounge was small for a business class lounge though. 

An hour or so later, we went to board the flight. As we were reaching the gate, the air hostesses started to call first class and business class up, and we boarded the flight. 

The business class seats were nice in my opinion ! There was 1 very big screen, 1 medium sized screen, and a control. The seat could recline all the way to flat. There was an awesome travel kit too. The food was horrible though, I absolutely hated it. The thing that really got at me was having to wear a mask for such a long time. 

 I watched 4 movies, slept, ate, daydreamed, during the flight. 

After a long 13 and half hours we landed in Dubai. As soon as we got off  the plane, we headed to the business class lounge, for some time. Our flight would start boarding in about an hour or so. The lounge was so much bigger than the Chicago lounge. We ate middle eastern food. (Better than the flight’s food.) 

We boarded the 3 hour flight to Mumbai soon afterward. The flight’s business class was the same, but the food was still horrible. 

After we landed, we went through imigration and they checked if you had an Indian visa, and if you had a criminal record and stuff.  Then we went to baggage claim and claimed our bags. It took a lot of time, because someone took our bags out of the carousel.

Then we got all of our bags and went through a security type of thing. Afterward we went to find our chaffers and we booked 3. We found all of them, and loaded all of our bags into one of the cars, the other 2 Mercedes we loaded ourselves into. I went with my dad in one, and my sister and mom went into the other one. 

We drove to my mom’s mom & dad’s house. 

WE reached home, and chatted for a little while then slept.

I will now tell you about what we did.


I ate lots of awesome food on my trip, below I will list them. 

  1. Vada Pav:  a deep fried potato put between a bun. 
  2. Idly: a savory rice cake consisting of fermented black lentils and rice
  3. Dosa: a thin type of pancake consisting of lentils and rice
  4. Grilled Sandwich:  Vegetables put in between 2 pieces of bread and grilled
  5. Mendu Vada: South Indian Fritter made in a doughnut shape
  6. Samosa: Triangular Shape pastry filled with vegetables, potatoes
  7. Pani Puri: puff-pastry balls filled with spiced mashed potato,lentils and tamarind juice
  8. Frankie: a big, fat roll stuffed with veggies, paneer
  9. Sizzler: Veggies, Fries, patties all cooked on a hot metal plate put in a wooden plate
  10. Khasta Kachori: Deep fried snack
  11. Potato Sandwich: Potato slices put between bread and chutney 
  12. Khaman Dhokla: Spicy sponge savory cake made of chickpea flour
  13. Dhokla: Rice flour cake that is  warm
  14. Bhajia: Vegetables or spanish covered in chickpea flour and fried
  15. Cake and Muffins
  16. Juice: Fruit Juice
  17. Macarons: Vegan 

Funny Moments 

  1. A bike driver was pushing another bike with his legs. It was hilarious!
  1. A rickshaw driver was pushing another rickshaw with his leg! LOL
  2. Two old men held hands and crossed the road. OMG, it was so funny!!
  1. My mom made me come out for a walk in HEELS. And let me tell you that the sidewalks are so bad! I had to go into a park where people are exercising and speed walk in HEELS. It was so funny. I didn’t fall though. YAY! But I must have been a joke to all the people. 
  1. A bike driver was holding groceries in a bag. The bottom broke, the driver didn’t notice, and all the items fell out of the bag and on the road. He had to go and pick it up. It was funny but must have been sad. 

Where I went, and what I did

I went to a lot of places on My vacation. 

I met lots of people and saw lots of places. Listed below are my top favorite places.

  1. Padgah: A religious place that houses lots of Monks. 
  1. Shahpur Temple: A huge temple.
  1. Borivali: I met lots of people in Borivali, which is a suburb of Mumbai.
  1. Lots of streetside food: Sandwich, Frankie, Dosa, Vada Pav, Samosa food eateries.
  1. Relatives: I met many relatives from my Mom and Dad’s side.
  1. Friends: I met my friends in India.
  1. Cousins: I spent lots of time with my cousins. My cousin sister Prisha and My cousin brother, Hansel especially. I also spent time with my dad’s sister and her family. 
  1. Shopping: I did lots of shopping for EVERYTHING! I got so many things, especially from Crawford Market and Phoenix mall. 

Let’s get home

It was a long fun 3 week vacation, but it was time to get home and I was excited. 

We took an RT-PCR test at 7:00am in the morning. We didn’t get the results for so long. My parents were so stressed, because if we didn’t get the results in time we wouldn’t be able to travel. So we went to the airport at about 2:00pm to take another test. But, in the end we didn’t take another test, we got the contact number with one of the  workers at metropolis. Metropolis was the center we got our RT-PCR test done from.

The worker told us that we would get our tests at 8:00-9:00pm. My parents got even more stressed because we were heading to the airport at 8:00pm. If we didn’t get the results during that time we would not be able to fly.

Luckily, My mom, sister, and my test results came in on the ride to the airport. My dad’s results didn’t come back on the way there. We reached the airport before my dad’s test results came. His results finally came 30 minutes into being at the airport. 

The check in queue was long, but luckily we were only 3-4th in the queue. It went pretty fast. Then we had to go through security, which was pretty fast too, (In my opinion). After that we went through Immigration. Then we were free. 

Afterward we started walking around the shops and stuff, then to our gate. On the way to the gate a shop came where we stopped and ate at. When we reached the gate, we didn’t have to wait a long time till boarding. When they called everybody we got in line. They stopped us for a second, because my sister didn’t have the immigration stamp on her boarding pass , but they let us in eventually.  

The first leg of the flight was good. There was an empty seat in between me and my dad. There was a good amount of space. The food was horrible though. 

The second leg of the flight was ok. I had the window seat and the view was awesome, but there was no empty seat. The food was pretty bad except for the pizza they gave. 

My trip was long and awesome, I had lots of fun and enjoyed every moment.  

Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Hi, today I will tell you about Lunar & Solar Eclipse. These are very exciting events that occur with the night sky.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipses occur when earths shadow blocks the sun’s light. The sun, earth, and moon align exactly or very closely. The moon looks red in a Lunar Eclipse because of the earths atmosphere. Lunar eclipses over about twice every single year. Lunar Eclipses only take place on a full moon night. 

This is a Lunar Eclipse taking place.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse occurs when the the moon gets between Earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow over Earth. A solar eclipse can only take place at the phase of the new moon. The duration of the solar eclipse is short it is only 7 & a half minutes. Looking at the sun during the Solar Eclipse can literally burn your retina and make your go blind.

Moon’s shadow on Earth during a Solar Eclipse.
The moon during a solar eclipse.

Recent Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipses occurred on November 19 2021. This was the longest partial eclipse since 1440, and the longest till 2669. The eclipse started 2:18am EST and ended 5:47am EST. It was quite a sight to see.

Pet shelter

Pet shelter

It was awesome! There was very less animals though. I enjoyed myself…

My favorite place in the shelter was the play pen!! In the play-pen there was a dog who was very very active. 

My favorite part was playing with a very very very small cat. 

She was black and white and adorable ☺️!! 

I loved that cat so much! She was active and nice. 

She kept nagging at the glass!😆

My least favorite place part was the fact that there where so less dogs. 🐶🐶🐶!

I loved the shelter

In-person learning

After about a year or so I went to school for the first time which was really fun. Though you have to stay 6 feet away from friends you can still enjoy and have fun. When I went to in-person schooling for the first time after a year I was nervous, firstly because it was a new school but as I stepped in the building I felt confident and ready. 

The experience was great, I saw my friends through zoom and some of them, their very own faces, not a video. Even though I could not see all of their faces it felt good. 

I would say that I had a great time being able to be at school. 

At mask breaks, you get to go outside and it is fun. The playground is off limits though. 

Since this is a new school I am going to it is much different. On the first day, I walked in and did not know where I was supposed to go but when I walked farther in the building, there was staff all around helping out. Once I walked in my classroom and found out that my friend sat next to me it was so cool. 

I love in-person schooling.

Sand dollar

Sand dollars

What is a sand dollar?

A sand dollar is a type recreation (Different) from a sea orchid. It is flat.

How are they made?

Sand dollars are made from eggs that another sand dollar has left. They are creatures relating to sea orchids and starfish. They are flattened by the ruff choppy waves that holds them down and flat. Burying themselves in the sand is normal. –https://www.quora.com

Where are they found best?

-Sanibel island! Sanibel has many beautiful places to go. You will probably find sand dollars on the shore. As it is the gulf coast of Florida. Many items wash onto the shore of Sanibel Island. When I visited I did not have the luck but I bet you will! –https://www.narcity.com

How to pick up a sand dollar?

If it is purple in color that means a sand dollar is alive, you do not want to pick it up. If it is tan or light brown or a bleach color you can pick it up it is mostly dead. If it is not dead it will be moving or it’s gills will be.

Sanibel Island

We visited Sanibel island.

In the morning we went to a beach. The beach was very pretty, with lots of seashells in fact the sand was not even sand it was crushed up seashells. The adventure started when we parked our car into the lot. I shot open the door and went out. ‘Looks like people are collecting seashells’ My dad said. We went to the pay and park area and payed. We then put on our slippers and started walking in to the beach. I took a step into the sand which I thought was seashells after looking into the crushed seashells. ‘Wow’ I said Walking forward into the water. My mom and dad and my sister started to collect seashells in a bag they were beautiful! We kept looking for seashells and sand dollars. Then we took a walk down the beach shore, I kept complaining that my feet were icky with wet sand stuck to them. My mom called my grandparents, who I can Nana, Nani. My mom talked and walked and I complained and walked. 

Once we were done their across the bridge was another coastline of the same beach. We walked across the bridge. We then walked onto the rocks and into the beach. At the beach we walked about a quarter of a mile in and collected seashells on the way. Then we saw quite a couple people in the middle of the water and the water was only covering less then half of their body’s. We wanted to go too BUT to get their we had to go through a little deep water, and we would wet our clothes. So my dad went first, he was lifting his feet to walk when on flip flop came of and floated away in the water and then the other flip flop. That was so funny! Then my sister went. I DID NOT GO because I knew I would wet my clothes, my mom did not go either. Then after lots of photos and rock collecting we went back to the car. 

By that time it was lunch time, and in a our we had a boat ride reservation for the Sanibel triller. For lunch we ate at this Sanibel Bean place the food was ok. I got a bagel, my sister got something and so did my parents. We waited a long time for the food to come, once we got it we went straight to the Sanibel Triller, we parked at the area to park and ate. After that we got onto the boat.

As I climbed the boat I knew I was going to have fun. We started by getting out of the boat area and into the Gulf. The man in the front was talking along the way. We talked a lot about the city of Sanibel and other things. Just as he finished and we got to the middle, one lady on the boat saw a fin of what she said was a dolphin. Just as she said that a dolphin jumped up from the back of the boat and started swimming to tail the boat. More dolphins joined along, I was flabbergasted. The dolphin pod eventually went away. The guy in the front went on talking about the things. I really liked it, one thing he said was that dolphins swim at the tail of the boat because they like riding waves like the boats waves. We got a couple more incidents with the dolphins. I even saw a baby.

After that it was about 4:00. We went to another beach that was supposed to have a good sunset. We went to the beach and spread our towel. My sister and I made a sand castle. Then me and my dad went for a small walk in the water. After a bit when the sun was soon going to set the clouds came and covered the sun, what a bummer! We stayed for a bit longer and then decided to go home, since we have a 3 hour drive home. 

We had a blast at Sanibel island!