In-person learning

After about a year or so I went to school for the first time which was really fun. Though you have to stay 6 feet away from friends you can still enjoy and have fun. When I went to in-person schooling for the first time after a year I was nervous, firstly because it was a new school but as I stepped in the building I felt confident and ready. 

The experience was great, I saw my friends through zoom and some of them, their very own faces, not a video. Even though I could not see all of their faces it felt good. 

I would say that I had a great time being able to be at school. 

At mask breaks, you get to go outside and it is fun. The playground is off limits though. 

Since this is a new school I am going to it is much different. On the first day, I walked in and did not know where I was supposed to go but when I walked farther in the building, there was staff all around helping out. Once I walked in my classroom and found out that my friend sat next to me it was so cool. 

I love in-person schooling.