we went and charged our car at the place we charged our car there was this restrant called Bobay place. In my opinion there food was okay in my dads Opinion he LOVED THE FOOD and I mean loved the food, Ziva and my mom liked the food. Next My dad and me went and un plugged the car and drove to the place witch was Half and minute away then picked up my mom and Ziva my sister!! Then we drove to the cabin.


Saturday-Was the end of the fun!

We left for home at around 7:00!And were playing on the road. We played with putty and colored a lot! We stared off by playing with putty and telling stories!Then we went to a grocery store and got food and went to the bathroom!

We had so much fun we also ate at a restaurant middle way! The restaurant was called Deli. I had lemonade then we had macen cheese! Yummy in my tummy! Next my father told us stories! I loved the story.Then we reached home before we knew it.


Friday was fun -We woke up and went walking through pond That was so fun! We went through 3 The first one I saw so many tad poles, And I found so many rocks that were so pretty! Next we went to one that I saw a crab and Fishes!The  last  one was great! We were their for like forever! We went up waterfalls. And went down then and skratched the rocks! Next we went to mellow mushroom and then went on a ride!! We next went to a candy shop and went to the cabin and started packing!


Today was tiring, We woke up and went to Hillybillys which was technically a breakfast place! We my whole entire family had pancakes,Which was so filling. Next we went to a trail called West Kong trail,Nice name but thee place was scary When we were a Quarter into the trail we saw a baby bear that frightened me so much I turned and took my mom by hand and said Bear and we went to our parked car!Afterward we went to another trail called flat falls trail, That trail was hard and had big time elevation! We went all the way to the waterfall and soaking or body’s which was a great feeling soon we started to head back! Next we went and ate at Mellow mushroom! Their food was great next we went to walk around Ziva my twin did the rope corse! We got dippen’Dot!    Then we left! Afterwards we went Zorbing which technically they put you in a ball and puss you down in a ball! That’s was sooooo fun.Then we went home, Our day was a blast!


Wednesday – Was so fun and interesting and you could say scary!  First a bear went digging through out garbage! We went to this hard trail! It took forever to get their to pass time I looked outside!Once we got their we were shocked Their was so menu cars it was impossible to find Parking once we found parking we,had to walk all the way to were the trail stared witch potentially was half a mile and it all was up slope!! Now we started to climb the trail, Which was so hard we quit less then half way then it was easy we just walked downslope to the car. Then we went to eat at a restaurant called north China its food was amazing! Next we put the leftover food in the car and walked around we went store after store then we found a store That personalizes t shirts we got it but we had to pick it up later! Next we went to mountain top Ziplineing! It was so fun we went so fast that I got scared, two of the times I went with Some one because I weighed to less. I loved that!! Next we went and picked up out t shirts and went to the cabin.


Was rather gloomy, We started of wanting to go to a trail so we put in google maps and hit the road!!We went on a trail called west trail! It was so fun!But middle way It started raining so we put on our pouchos and went to the car! 

 Next we had Thai place for dinner I did not not like their food!

 Afterwards we went to Motor trail at night to see bears ought they were cute.


Sunday-Was a blast of fun! We started of with going to a trail called Laurel falls trail in pigeon forge, Which was pretty straightforward!At the end of the trail(It was a 1 mile trail)There was a pretty waterfall Where we took wonderful photos.Then we headed back which was another 1 mile. After that We went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat because we were hungry,My family and me Did not like their food. We ordered 3 impossible burgers(which of course were impossible to eat) with a side of fries that’s were okay then we also ordered Mac and cheese. When we were done we went to scenic to book a helicopter tour around parts of Gatlinburg.When we Got to the helicopter tour area where helicopters took of, We went inside to get our tickets then went the bathroom!After 30 ish minutes of waiting we got on the helicopter, At first I was nervous because we were tilted(make sure to note It was my first time on a helicopter)!!The view was breathtaking.The. We wanted to do zorbing so we went to the Zorbing grounds and relized we swim suits which of corse we did not have so my mother said maybe this is for another day!!Next we went on a roller coaster Which is another story of greatest fastest part to our day! It went so fast I was pushing forward to move it and We’ll it went so fast I got scared out of my wits!!Next thing I can say was scary and fun we did the sky lift We went up walked the bridge and went down sooooo soooo fun! That is how my blast full day went hope you guys come too of again maybe!!


Saturday -Day one was a success!We woke up at 4:30 in the morning and got everything we needed in the car!As we got in the car I knew this was going to be a long day.Once we all were in the car Me and my twin Ziva looked outside and played with putty. We have a Tesla model 3 and model s.We took the model 3 and if you did not know these cars are electric so we needed to charge  the car!!The fist 3 hours to the car ride My father Mehul half drove the car you might be wondering what is half driving that means It was on auto pilot so it drove on its own! After a bit we put our putty away and got out some drawing things and drew for 20 about minutes. Afterwards we did road trip bingo and guess what I won! Next we played with some putty and laughed and looked outside!That we did for a hour or so!And before we knew it 3hours were done and we charged the car.As the car charged.We went to a restroom in a motel! Afterwards we went to Starbucks because My Mother Charmy wanted coffee and then went to McDonald’s because I wanted fries but It turns out their was no fries aww.So then we hit the road this time my Mother Charmy half drives. So After One more charging stop we Went to Merell and got hiking and water shoes!Afterward we went to red wood cabin!That is how day 1 went!!