Calvin and Hobbies

I have started to read a Book Called Calvin and Hobbies , which is a Very good Comic book.

Calvin is a boy in school that has his own sense taste and feelings. As the story Continues Calvin and his stuffed animal Hobbes which in Calvin’s world Hobbes is a real tiger of his own world. Calvin and Hobbes go on many adventures together and alone. As they both believe in monsters they ask every night for Calvin’s Mom and Dad to check under the bed for monsters.

Susie is a girl in Calvin’s Class. Susie in my own perspective seam’s rude in some parts and Kind in some parts. Susie has a thick heart with Love, rudeness and hope. When Susie first came I thought she was Sassy rude and odd.

Calvin’s Mom and Dad don’t seam to care deeply about Calvin I feel as I do Not know Why I just Feel it.

I do highly recommend this book to all from the age range of 9-100+. If you would like to read this it is a Comic and is not a Novel. Under is a link to where to buy it.–US_Shopp_Trade–naa-_-naa&gclid=CjwKCAjwz6_8BRBkEiwA3p02VX1cDYxOUsLUIARk7FU48ZQpONfOWM-_mN0EJkNDHubxZcFI_BfAnhoCtXEQAvD_BwE

As something I do not like about Calvin and Hobbes is that They write interesting parts and then don’t finish the ending to it.

St. Louis

We were going to St.Louis with my cousin sister and I was excited like so excited! We left Home at around 11:00 o’clock Prepared and ready. We had what we needed to take us to St.louis. We started our journey by Taking all our stuff we needed and put it in the Tesla Model 3 Which is our car. My Dad, Mehul Doshi Started to drive at that time My family (which includes Ziva Doshi Charmy Doshi and Mehul Doshi ) Sang prayers for the drive and Trip. Then once we got on the highway my Father Mehul Doshi half drove and if you want to know what have driving is I will tell you, Half driving is when The car drives by itself And my dad is still looking out. Afterwards I took out a dry erase board and started to doodle for around 20 minutes.Later I Just started to right imaginary letter to no one but My imaginary friend, I mean I don’t really have a Imaginary freind. Afterward I just drew for around 1 hour and a half hours I looked outside in the middle. After that we needed to charge the car. When it was charging we Went To this restaurant and ate gross food. After that we got in the car And I went to sleep.

And then before we knew it we were at another charging station we charged it 100% and went to the hotel. Once we got their My Cousin Sisters and Their mom was still not there and By the way they are young adults.So we parked The car, Then we checked in and went to our room to put everything down. And went for a Quick walk in St.louis. Then we stopped at a sandwich store and got lemonade and then at that very second We see our cousin sister’s car. We run Back to our hotel and greet Them Then we go to their room and chat chit chat chit chat.Then we Look for restaurants we want to eat at and then My dad and My cousin sister go and pick up the food. Then we started to eat and of course as usual we chatted. When we were done we Started to chat and then went to sleep.

Good morning we all got dressed and headed to our Cousin sisters room. Next we walked to roosters and ate breakfast and headed to the Zoo. We got lost so we kept looking till we Found it.Then Parked the car and walked to the Zoo. Once we got in it was too crowded so we just went to a bench and sat and talked and ate and played cards. Next we went to a restaurant with amazing food called Fork and sticks. We ate curry and tofu and Rice and all that good stuff. Then we went to order a second round because the food was out of this world amazing Next we scarfed that down like nobody’s business. Afterward we went to the hotel and dropped of our cousins we had to leave now whaa. Next we hit the road and I doodled On the dry erase board. I did that for like 2 whole hours. After that we charged the car And went inside sheels and store near The charging station. Inside Sheels, There is a ferris wheel we Walk around and by dip and dots and fudge. Then The change was over and we hit the road. Later in The drive I have to go to the bathroom so badly that we stop at a gas station.And then we drive home.

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Camping 2020

We were stuffing the camping chairs and Hide a mat and the tent in the car. We were leaving early that way we could go for a hike before going camping. As soon as we got in the car we Prayed for a safe trip and drive. Afterward I just looked outside for about 45 minutes, At that time we reached the State park called Rock cut state park.And we went for a hike and had lots of fun. Once we were done we went to a charging station to charge out car Tesla model s, And it so happened to be near a mall so we went there for lunch and for the bathroom. We used the bathroom and and got taco bell and Rubys Thai food and sat out and ate. Then hit the road! Once we were fifteen twenty minutes away from the camp ground we charged the at Sullivins Fresh and went in to used the bathroom to our suprise there were many vegan deserts so we picked up and few and headed to the camp ground. As we got to the camp ground, (we were there second) we went to check into our camp ground and If you did not know we were going with friends. We got slot 150 and our friends go the same. Once we got to the ground my friends and I started setting up the tent and starting the bon fire.Then we started to make dinner we had dabali and then we put our chairs near the bon fire and starting chating.

This is a tent

Not the one I slept in though

It was from the internet

The next day we woke up and Me Ziva and my Friend and her mother went for a walk and used the bathroom. Next we headed back to the camp site to eat breakfast and to my Surprise everyone was then awake. Next we ate Pancakes and umma( Umma is a type of food from India ) and tea and coffee. Next we want on a hike to sunset trail it was nice Then we head out for lunch which was thapla and bread. Then we went on another trail which was terrible it had to many Bugs. Then we all went to Sullivans again for pastries. Well our other friends went to get Coffee and Frys.Once we all got back to the campsite we chated and Colored. And then we had Dinner and chatted some more and then went to sleep.

Back in the morning we all woke up used the bathroom and Brushed our teeth and ate breakfast which was Pancakes. Then once we were done we all settled down and played me and a few of my friends went in the woods behind the camp ground and we all went there and found acorns and gun sticks.Then We started to pack up. Once that was over we took group photos and hit the road for home.