Sand dollar

Sand dollars

What is a sand dollar?

A sand dollar is a type recreation (Different) from a sea orchid. It is flat.

How are they made?

Sand dollars are made from eggs that another sand dollar has left. They are creatures relating to sea orchids and starfish. They are flattened by the ruff choppy waves that holds them down and flat. Burying themselves in the sand is normal. –

Where are they found best?

-Sanibel island! Sanibel has many beautiful places to go. You will probably find sand dollars on the shore. As it is the gulf coast of Florida. Many items wash onto the shore of Sanibel Island. When I visited I did not have the luck but I bet you will! –

How to pick up a sand dollar?

If it is purple in color that means a sand dollar is alive, you do not want to pick it up. If it is tan or light brown or a bleach color you can pick it up it is mostly dead. If it is not dead it will be moving or it’s gills will be.

Sanibel Island

We visited Sanibel island.

In the morning we went to a beach. The beach was very pretty, with lots of seashells in fact the sand was not even sand it was crushed up seashells. The adventure started when we parked our car into the lot. I shot open the door and went out. ‘Looks like people are collecting seashells’ My dad said. We went to the pay and park area and payed. We then put on our slippers and started walking in to the beach. I took a step into the sand which I thought was seashells after looking into the crushed seashells. ‘Wow’ I said Walking forward into the water. My mom and dad and my sister started to collect seashells in a bag they were beautiful! We kept looking for seashells and sand dollars. Then we took a walk down the beach shore, I kept complaining that my feet were icky with wet sand stuck to them. My mom called my grandparents, who I can Nana, Nani. My mom talked and walked and I complained and walked. 

Once we were done their across the bridge was another coastline of the same beach. We walked across the bridge. We then walked onto the rocks and into the beach. At the beach we walked about a quarter of a mile in and collected seashells on the way. Then we saw quite a couple people in the middle of the water and the water was only covering less then half of their body’s. We wanted to go too BUT to get their we had to go through a little deep water, and we would wet our clothes. So my dad went first, he was lifting his feet to walk when on flip flop came of and floated away in the water and then the other flip flop. That was so funny! Then my sister went. I DID NOT GO because I knew I would wet my clothes, my mom did not go either. Then after lots of photos and rock collecting we went back to the car. 

By that time it was lunch time, and in a our we had a boat ride reservation for the Sanibel triller. For lunch we ate at this Sanibel Bean place the food was ok. I got a bagel, my sister got something and so did my parents. We waited a long time for the food to come, once we got it we went straight to the Sanibel Triller, we parked at the area to park and ate. After that we got onto the boat.

As I climbed the boat I knew I was going to have fun. We started by getting out of the boat area and into the Gulf. The man in the front was talking along the way. We talked a lot about the city of Sanibel and other things. Just as he finished and we got to the middle, one lady on the boat saw a fin of what she said was a dolphin. Just as she said that a dolphin jumped up from the back of the boat and started swimming to tail the boat. More dolphins joined along, I was flabbergasted. The dolphin pod eventually went away. The guy in the front went on talking about the things. I really liked it, one thing he said was that dolphins swim at the tail of the boat because they like riding waves like the boats waves. We got a couple more incidents with the dolphins. I even saw a baby.

After that it was about 4:00. We went to another beach that was supposed to have a good sunset. We went to the beach and spread our towel. My sister and I made a sand castle. Then me and my dad went for a small walk in the water. After a bit when the sun was soon going to set the clouds came and covered the sun, what a bummer! We stayed for a bit longer and then decided to go home, since we have a 3 hour drive home. 

We had a blast at Sanibel island!