Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would take place in Pairs, France. The biggest reason I want to go to Paris, is because I want to go to see the Eiffel Tower.  I also want to try French food, like croissants and if available eggless macaroons. 


To travel there, I would get a first class ticket on American Arlines.

I would rent a luxurious car, with a chafferer to take me places. 

While in Paris I would visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame as well as the Eiffel Tower. I also would want to visit Concierge.


I would stay in a luxurious hotel, a big suite with room service. 

I would try so many new French foods, and while I am at that I will go shopping. I will shop for French clothing and a bunch of other stuff. 


I went skiing on Saturday, March 5th 2022. It was fun, it was my first time going skiing ever. We went skiing in Cascade Mountains, which is in Wisconsin. Since it was my first time going skiing, I had to take lessons. My instructor was kind, and taught me the basics of skiing.

In addition to skiing, I also got to go on a ski lift, which took me to the bunny hill. At bunny hill, I learned my turns in skiing and just overall skiing. It was a fun adventure. Sadly, less than an hour after I put my ski’s on for the first time, it stared raining so hard. SO we had to leave.

That concludes my Ski time.