Sand dollar

Sand dollars

What is a sand dollar?

A sand dollar is a type recreation (Different) from a sea orchid. It is flat.

How are they made?

Sand dollars are made from eggs that another sand dollar has left. They are creatures relating to sea orchids and starfish. They are flattened by the ruff choppy waves that holds them down and flat. Burying themselves in the sand is normal. –

Where are they found best?

-Sanibel island! Sanibel has many beautiful places to go. You will probably find sand dollars on the shore. As it is the gulf coast of Florida. Many items wash onto the shore of Sanibel Island. When I visited I did not have the luck but I bet you will! –

How to pick up a sand dollar?

If it is purple in color that means a sand dollar is alive, you do not want to pick it up. If it is tan or light brown or a bleach color you can pick it up it is mostly dead. If it is not dead it will be moving or it’s gills will be.