Wednesday – Was so fun and interesting and you could say scary!  First a bear went digging through out garbage! We went to this hard trail! It took forever to get their to pass time I looked outside!Once we got their we were shocked Their was so menu cars it was impossible to find Parking once we found parking we,had to walk all the way to were the trail stared witch potentially was half a mile and it all was up slope!! Now we started to climb the trail, Which was so hard we quit less then half way then it was easy we just walked downslope to the car. Then we went to eat at a restaurant called north China its food was amazing! Next we put the leftover food in the car and walked around we went store after store then we found a store That personalizes t shirts we got it but we had to pick it up later! Next we went to mountain top Ziplineing! It was so fun we went so fast that I got scared, two of the times I went with Some one because I weighed to less. I loved that!! Next we went and picked up out t shirts and went to the cabin.

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