Today was tiring, We woke up and went to Hillybillys which was technically a breakfast place! We my whole entire family had pancakes,Which was so filling. Next we went to a trail called West Kong trail,Nice name but thee place was scary When we were a Quarter into the trail we saw a baby bear that frightened me so much I turned and took my mom by hand and said Bear and we went to our parked car!Afterward we went to another trail called flat falls trail, That trail was hard and had big time elevation! We went all the way to the waterfall and soaking or body’s which was a great feeling soon we started to head back! Next we went and ate at Mellow mushroom! Their food was great next we went to walk around Ziva my twin did the rope corse! We got dippen’Dot!    Then we left! Afterwards we went Zorbing which technically they put you in a ball and puss you down in a ball! That’s was sooooo fun.Then we went home, Our day was a blast!

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